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Integrity Garage Door Repair is an independently owned garage door repair company that specializes in repairing and replacing garage door. The company has been serving the residents of Portsmouth, VA for many years. Integrity Garage Door Repair is well-known for its top-notch customer service.
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When to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Springs

As a garage door company serving Portsmouth for over 25 years, we’re often asked about when it’s better to repair garage door springs versus complete replacement. While there’s no definitive answer, experienced technicians at Integrity Garage Door Repair can help evaluate your specific situation and recommend the safest, most cost-effective solution.

Garage Door Springs Replace

Springs Under Stress

Constant use places wear and tear on garage door extension and torsion springs over time. These powerful counterbalance springs must safely lift and lower your heavy overhead door with each open/close cycle. Common signs springs may need attention include:

  • Increased effort to open/close the door
  • Door not staying in the fully open position and drifting down
  • Fastening points pulling loose from damage
  • Coil separation, cracks, corrosion or broken winding cones
  • Door becoming unbalanced and hanging crooked

Determining Repairability

When springs first begin to fatigue, a skilled pro can sometimes repair rather than fully replace. Factors considered include:

  • Type and severity of damage present
  • Age and installation date of existing springs
  • availability of replacement parts for your specific door type
  • Expected remaining lifespan if repaired versus replaced

For example, minor coil damage on a recently installed torsion spring may be repairable by winding tighter or adding/replacing coils to restore proper tension. An older extension spring with deep corrosion is less likely to safely regain its useful tension through patching.

Safety First in Portsmouth

Ultimately, the condition and continued safe operation of your garage door system is the top priority. If springs cannot be confidently repaired to uphold strict safety standards, complete replacement will be recommended instead. Failing counterbalance mechanisms pose serious pinch and impact hazards.

It’s never worth taking chances with faulty garage door hardware in your Portsmouth home. Trust Integrity Garage Door Repair to thoroughly evaluate each situation and advise the repair or replacement option providing the longest safe service life moving forward.

Signs It's Time to Replace

Some clear signs garage door springs definitely need replaced rather than repaired include:

  • Broken winding cones or fastening points
  • Severe corrosion completely through the coil wire
  • Missing coil sections along the length
  • Door cannot be safely operated due to lack of spring counterbalance
  • Springs beyond their typical 7-10 year lifespan
  • Door seems prone to sudden/unexpected falling during operation

Replacing with Quality Parts

When installation date records aren’t available, it’s usually best to replace both left and right springs for symmetry. Integrity only uses heavyweight-duty springs constructed of top-grade reinforced 5/32″ or 3/16″ diameter steel wire. We stock industry-leading brands appropriately rated for your specific door size/design.

All replacement garage door springs and hardware are installed securely using proper tension gauges and tools. You’ll receive a door that’s properly counterbalanced for years of smooth, reliable use to come.

I hope this helps explain when it’s best to repair versus fully replace worn garage door springs. Feel free to give us a call at Integrity Garage Door Repair if you have any other Portsmouth garage door questions!


Pricing varies depending on your door configuration and extent of work required. On average, spring repair is $200-350 for labor and parts. Complete spring replacement averages $450-650 installed. Torsion springs tend to cost more since they require disassembling each end of the shaft to access. Get a free estimate from a pro to determine your specific job cost.

We don’t recommend homeowners attempt their own garage door spring work without proper experience and tools. Springs under high tension can cause serious injury if they detach or slip during the process. Leave repairs and installations to fully certified technicians who have insurance and OSHA compliance in case of an accident. Your safety isn’t worth the risk to save a few bucks on this type of technical job.