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Integrity Garage Door Repair is an independently owned garage door repair company that specializes in repairing and replacing garage door. The company has been serving the residents of Portsmouth, VA for many years. Integrity Garage Door Repair is well-known for its top-notch customer service.
Integrity Garage Door Repair, Inc., Garage Doors, Virginia Beach, VAIntegrity Garage Door Repair, Inc., Garage Doors, Virginia Beach, VA

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Garage Door Replacement​ Portsmouth

Garage Door Replacement

Before you buy a new garage door, it’s always a good idea to get a quick estimate from Integrity Garage Door Repair. We have been helping homeowners in the greater Portsmouth, Virginia area for many years. Our garage door specialists know exactly what to look for when they are evaluating your door and its components. If it is time to replace your garage door, we can help you select the best one for your home and needs. We offer various options in garage door materials, designs, and opener configurations.

Garage Door Installation​ Portsmouth

Garage Door Installation

Integrity Garage Door Repair is a solution when you need an affordable, fast, and reliable garage door installation. We are the premier company in Portsmouth, VA for installing garage doors correctly and hassle-free. We are dedicated to offering exceptional service with highly skilled technicians. The entire team at Integrity Garage Door Repair is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our garage door installation team is highly trained and experienced to handle any size of the job. Integrity Garage Door Repair technicians provide top-quality service and guaranteed results.

The Best Installation Solution for You Portsmouth

The Best Installation Solution for You!

Contact Integrity Garage Door Repair for all of your garage door installation needs. We provide the best value in town with unbeatable prices, quality service, and professional results. We are a locally owned business that is dedicated to offering you the best possible service available at extremely competitive prices. Integrity Garage Door Repair will surpass your expectations by providing reliable and experienced technicians who will walk you through each step of the project.

Quick Replacement Service​ Portsmouth

Quick Replacement Service

Garage doors can take a beating from the sun, wind, and moisture. This will eventually fade and damage your garage door. If this occurs, the best option is garage door replacement. Call us now to schedule your appointment for a quick estimate today. It is important that you hire a professional to take on the job of garage door replacement. This will ensure that your new door matches up with the rest of your home. We will not only offer the best product, but they also offer great service for you and your family.

Why Choose Us

Highly Experienced & Qualified Technicians

Highly Experienced & Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are well-versed in all aspects of garage door replacement and installation as well as opener repairs, replacements, and upgrades.
We’re Available

We’re Available 24/7

We are also available for emergency call-outs, so if your garage door breaks down after work hours or on weekends, give us a call.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer satisfaction guaranteed for all our door repairs and installation services. We do not ask for any fees until you are satisfied in every possible way.

Garage Door Replacement and Installation in Portsmouth, VA

Portsmouth VA Garage door installation and replacement is our specialty. We have been working in Portsmouth for years now. Our techs are experts at what they do. They have the tools and experience to complete a job at your house in no time. Portsmouth VA Garage doors can be confusing to replace at times. Sometimes, it is not even possible to remove one panel of the door unless you are a garage door mechanic. If you are not an experienced person, you will need someone like us to take care of the job at your place.

Call Integrity Garage Door Repair now for garage door replacement and installation services in Portsmouth VA. We are available 24/7 for your convenience. We are here 7 days a week in Portsmouth VA for your convenience. We deliver our services fast, and without delays. Call us today!

Garage Door Replacement and Installation in Portsmouth VA
We Take Pride in Our Quality And The Fast, Professional Service We Offer To All Of Our Customers!

We Take Pride in Our Quality And The Fast, Professional Service We Offer To All Of Our Customers!

If you are looking for a locally owned garage door installation company in Portsmouth, VA, contact us today. You will be pleasantly surprised by how fast we can get the job done right! We offer a wide variety of garage door services and we will advise you on the best solution for your needs. We service all brands of garage door openers. We are your number one garage door company in Portsmouth, VA!

We have built our business on the long-term satisfaction of our customers. If you are looking for a locally owned garage door installation company in Portsmouth, VA, contact us today to handle any job big or small. If it is an emergency, our team can provide same-day service or come out to your location within 24 hours.

Our Services

Garage Door Parts Repair

Garage Door Parts Repair

We’ve seen it all and there’s nothing we can’t fix!

Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial Garage Door Repair

Professional yet affordable repair service for commercial garage doors!

Cable Replacement

Cable Replacement

Trust our highly qualified technicians for fast cable replacement!

Door Openers

Door Openers

We are fully equipped to repair and replace door openers of all brands and types!

Garage Door Tune Up

Garage Door Rollers

We can calculate when your garage door rollers need to be changed!

Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Contact us for the highest level of repair and replacement service for your broken springs.

Garage Door Off Track

Garage Door Off Track

Trust us for the repair and replacement of off-track or misaligned garage doors!

Difficult Repairs

Difficult Repairs

Our technicians have seen it all before and there’s nothing we can’t repair!

Customer Reviews

John Doe
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Lovely people. Local business. Professional and punctual. Fran is able to go into detail on the product and help you choose the option that's enough for your needs. Prices are very competitive. Communixation is fast and effective. Wait time is negligible compared to other vendors. I had a great overall experience and highly recommend Fran, Isaac and their team to everyone
Kyle Ford
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Needed to replace 2 single garage doors. They arrived at the scheduled time and helped my wife and me select the replacement doors that met our needs. Javier installed them when they arrived from the factory. Doors look fantastic and the customer service both before and after installation was exceptional. I highly recommend.
Anthony Ortiz
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"Integrity Garage Door Repair" provided us a top notch garage door opener installation experience from start to finish. Fast response, fair prices and excellent, courteous, professional service.

Garage Door Replacement FAQs

A: Depending on the issue, new garage doors can increase energy efficiency, security, noise control, and are just an aesthetic improvement.


A: The average cost of a home is $135 per square foot, but the price of your replacement garage door can vary depending on its features. Some features will be more expensive than others depending on what you decide to have installed on your door. The material used for the door will also affect the final price. It’s best to get quick estimates from different garage door installation companies in order to compare prices and see which one meets your budget requirements. A typical price range for a new steel raised panel sectional garage door is between $500-$1,000 while new carriage house doors are usually 200% higher at around $1800-2200. Prices vary depending on the company so it is important to research several prices before deciding on one.

A: The actual installation process for a replacement garage door will take 2-4 hours depending on if you decide to do the work yourself or hire professionals. If you are hiring professionals, keep in mind that it might be an extra few days until they can come out and install your new garage door due to other commitments.

A: Some people choose to do their own garage door replacement because of time restraints or lack of funds. This is possible but difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with how these doors should open and close correctly. The risk of damaging the tracks or the door itself is also high. You may want to consider hiring professionals if you are not sure of how to properly do it, especially if the garage has an opener. This puts you at risk of injuring yourself on the opener mechanism while trying to work on it yourself.

A: After installing your new garage door, there are some general maintenance tips that you can follow to ensure its longevity and functionality:

— Keep off ladders near overhead doors

— Remember not to use tool cabinets for storing gas cans, etc., because this could get into contact with exposed wiring inside openers or an exposed electronic eyebeam 

— Only install safety eyes when all wires used in wiring devices have been connected and outlets primed

— Never heat, weld, or use open flame torches on wire insulation 

— Keep door weatherstripping clean and in good shape to ensure a tight seal so no outside air is let in.

Garage Door Replacement​ Portsmouth FAQs