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Spring Cleaning Your Garage Door

As the weather starts to warm up in Portsmouth, it’s time to dust off your garage door and get it ready for the spring and summer months ahead. Follow our maintenance checklist to keep your garage door running smoothly all season long.

Garage Door Spring Cleaning


Take a few minutes to visually inspect your garage door from the outside and inside. Check for any cracks or damage to the panels, tracks, rollers, hinges or springs. Pay close attention to worn areas that may need to be replaced before causing further issues.


Squeaky or stiff doors often just need some lubrication. Clean out any debris from the tracks and rollers. Then spray lubricant like WD-40 onto the tracks, rollers, hinges and springs. This will help everything move smoothly and quietly for months to come.

Tighten Hardware

Over time, nuts, bolts and screws can loosen with regular use. Check that everything is still tightly fastened. Loose hardware is a common cause of noise and performance issues. Tighten anything that has become loose.

Adjust or Replace Rollers

Worn rollers are a telltale sign it’s time for replacement. Inspect for flat spots, cracks or chunks missing from the wheels. New rollers will ensure smooth operation. If the door is dragging or binding, you may also need to adjust the roller brackets.

Balance Test

A garage door should be relatively easy for an adult to manually operate. If yours requires significant force, it’s out of balance. This puts undue stress on components and may be a safety hazard. Have a pro evaluate and adjust or replace springs as needed.

Weatherstrip Seal

Inspect the rubber weatherstripping around the perimeter of the door. Cracked, missing or compressed sections allow air leaks and decrease insulation. Replace any damaged areas for better energy efficiency.

Repaint or Restain

The garage door is one of the first things people see when pulling into your driveway. Faded or chipped paint can detract from curb appeal. Give fresh color with exterior paint or stain made for garage doors. This protects wood from drying out as well.

Safety Devices

Test that safety devices like sensors and reverse mechanism are functioning properly. Adjust or replace as required to prevent closing on objects and prevent injuries. Sensors should trigger door to re-open if anything passes through the light beam.

Fall Maintenance Tips

As the weather starts to cool down in Portsmouth, follow these additional tips to prep your garage door for winter:

Lubricate Again

After a busy spring and summer of use, re-lubricate all moving parts before the moisture and cold of fall and winter sets in. This prevents freezing and cracking.

Inspect Cables

Cables that raise and lower the door sections are under constant tension. Look for rust, fraying or other signs of wear that reduce cable strength over time. Have a pro evaluate and replace if needed before failure occurs.

Check Insulation Seal

In cold months, an unsealed door loses heat from your garage and home. Ensure the perimeter weatherstripping maintains a tight seal all around. Replace any worn sections now for better energy savings during heating season.

Test Heater

If you have an in-garage heater, check that it’s functioning correctly before the first hard freeze. Having to replace a failed heater in the winter is inconvenient and expensive. Test the unit and stock up on fuel like kerosene well in advance.

With regular seasonal maintenance like this garage door checklist provides, your Integrity Garage Door system in Portsmouth will operate smoothly through another spring, summer, fall and winter. Contact us for any needed repairs or service to keep your garage safe and secure all year long.


For most homeowners, an annual tune-up is sufficient. Professional technicians can thoroughly inspect all components for safety and performance, make any needed adjustments, and catch small issues before they become bigger problems. Having it checked once a year keeps your door running optimally through continuous use.

If your garage door breaks or becomes stuck, don’t force or pry on it as this may cause damage. As a temporary fix, you can disengage the door from its opener mechanism if electric. Then use a locking carabiner or padlock through the loop pull for security until a pro can repair. Try to have any emergency repairs done within a day or two to avoid security and access issues longer term. Professional assistance is always recommended for safety.